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Orange Grove Bio

Meet our Case Company

Orange Grove Bio’s mission is to positively transform the quality of life of patients with cancer, autoimmune, and inflammatory diseases, by expediting the development of new medical breakthroughs. They strive to foster a more patient-centric approach to drug development and curative therapies through a collaborative ecosystem that bridges early-stage research and pharmaceutical companies.

Orange Grove Bio’s Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, Marc Appel was an entrepreneur-in-residence at Yale University. In this role, Marc drove the initiative that propelled university intellectual property into the hands of startups to further fuel the New Haven innovation ecosystem.


Orange Grove Bio focuses on geographies outside prime venture capital hubs, including the Southeast, Midwest, and Mid-Atlantic. Sourcing throughout these regions aids in accelerating drug development of valuable therapeutics that receive billions of dollars in annual NIH funding, which are more distant from traditional venture capital regions.

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