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All teams shall be composed of 3-5 participants, all of whom should be from an accredited graduate program in the US or worldwide. Each participant must be attending his or her respective institution in the Fall 2021 academic semester. If a substitute is provided for any team member, the team must inform the organizing committee prior to the competition day and the substitute must participate for the entirety of the event following their entry.


Competition Rules

All communication with participants, case materials, and presentations will and must be provided in English. All teams must prepare and present on the case provided. A panel of judges will select the finalists. Judging panels will be composed of academic and business leaders who are respected for their experience in the healthcare industry.


Round 1: The case prompt will be released to all participating teams on October 6th, 2021. Case Teams will submit a one-page executive summary, powerpoint presentation, and 15-minute video presentation (recorded on Zoom).  If any teams do not have access to Zoom, an alternative video recording platform may be used ONLY with prior approval (all requests should be sent to All teams must submit their final presentations and executive summary via BOX (link to be provided) to the organizing committee by October 27th at 5:00pm EST. By submitting your materials, you give consent for the YHSI committee to provide your presentation and all applicable details to the sponsor organization for their internal use.

Round 2: Finalists and waitlisted teams will be notified of their status by November 4th. All finalist teams must confirm their participation in the live pitches within 24 hours of notification or their spot in the finals will be given to waitlisted teams. On an individual basis, the organizing team will take into consideration timing preferences stemming from time zone differences, but cannot guarantee that all the requests will be accommodated.


Scores will be based on the quality and creativity of the proposed solution, quality of presentation, and responses during Q&A, utilization of industry-specific knowledge, etc. The Yale HSI Organizing Committee reserves the right to make minor changes to the score sheet prior to the case presentations. Minor changes include grammatical and material changes to particular questions on the scorecard, not the overall categories of evaluation and their weights.

Please email if any questions on competition rules and guidelines.