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Fox Rehabilitation

This event would not be possible without the generous financial and logistical support from Fox Rehabilitation. Fox Rehabilitation has a long institutional history committed to improving quality of care in the home health services space. Fox Rehab started as a practice offering house calls for older adults treated under Medicare Part B and developed into a multi-state, regional resource of autonomous clinicians going to clients and providing therapy that is proactive, evidence-based, and focused solely on geriatrics.


Specifically, FoxRehab is an organization that provides home care services including: physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech-language pathology,   exercise physiology, and clinical programming. Unlike many other home care agencies in the industry, Fox Rehab places an emphasis on geriatric therapy and strives to cultivate a culture that removes bureaucracy by allowing staff to define standards. The core values of Fox Rehab include emphasizing team spirit, eradicating ageism,   providing more than what is expected,   and maintaining a culture of respect.


Yale Healthcare Services Innovation Case Competition is a student-led event at the Yale School of Management.

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